Cued mile failte, one hundred thousand welcomes. My name is Trevor, I’m 55, and I live in New Zealand.

The political arena we live under today, has not only brought out to the open an act of dirty politics, it’s being practised with a blatant disregard, yet at the same time, slipping through in shadowed secrecy of their underhanded cover ups that are shielded with outright denial plastered lies.

Politics as we now see it, has been redrawn, reinvented, collaborated within corporate connections, redesigned and repackaged, through acts of corruption and warmongering methods, leading to end result profiteering.

What was once an honourable profession, has become a game of deceit, employing means of misleading information to the public.

Politics works on their system of schemed strategy, by politicians handpicked known associates of  wealth and influence, then placing their associates in high-salaried positions of tactical power, for the sole purpose of manipulative control over the likes of main stream media, which incorporates their instrument of fear, their propaganda machine. Any politicians put in the position of any questioning suspicion, will automatically pull out their emergency down play it card, or simply rely on their Public/Press Relations Officer/Representative, to apply their spin doctor mind games.

Within this cesspool of relentless carelessness and political encounters, thrown upon their innocent victims of their public prey, I would estimate that 90% of politicians are hellbent without morals, no integrity, self-stripped of any honour, with their only intentions at making, or laying claim to, as much money by any means possibly available to them. As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as honour among thieves.

So where does this leave the other 10% of honest and/or worthy politicians?

I would like to meet and hear from people in the Netherlands, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Switzerland areas, and how their governments work for the people. What does their government do to help with their education, health, pensions, employment, etc? It would be a great help in getting an understanding of successful government running their country for their people.

Take care everyone.




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