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Another day of excitement in a world we think we know it to be, yet somehow a curve ball comes flying straight for us. I’ll try not to paint a picture of doom and gloom.
We have a new City Council line up in Palmy – will it be any better than the last, and will it do any better than the last? Only they will have any idea to answer that question. Looking at the photo snap of the line up, there’s certainly some new blood in there, but there’s also some of the old sticklers that may not want anything too new, or anything to change without their influence of input. The outcome will prove interesting. My faith will not be there for them.
The President – the unthinkable happens. This would be an interesting piece of workmanship going by the write up. An act that runs parallel to the real scenes of a corporate-turned-politician, who has been bankrupt for more times than any other corporation possible, and yet somehow still manages to elude criminal conviction and wind up racing for presidential election. It should be a good laugh.
Autistic teen spends time in jail. Now here we have a fact that shows the Governments responsibilities have yet again failed in their provision for the people. And even the judge says it’s outrageous. All this simply because the government agencies couldn’t perform their tasks. And yet it took a court case for a solution to be found, when that form of action through court should never have needed to have been the course of action in the first place. Like everything else with the MidCentral system with regards to similar cases of concern, it either takes legal action, or public pressure, sometimes, as in this case, both, to get them to act accordingly to their responsibilities. It’s time the government and their service agencies stopped passing the buck onto other organizations to perform political responsibility to duties. It’s time the government started spending their money on these services so there can be a better system of helping those in need, instead of avoiding putting money where it’s needed, and blowing it on ex-politicians allowing to claim travel expenses, or all other manner of unnecessary money-wasting performances. Bloody disgraceful!
Anne Tolley – the New Zealand Child Sex Offender Register is a sign the Government is being more proactive in managing reoffending – “…as we need all of these names in one place and on one register, to include those with and without name suppression, so that no offenders can fall through the cracks.” That may very well be so on paper and in theory, but what of the practicality of executing action to this? It doesn’t seem to keeping track of where they are, especially if the sex offenders are put back into society and then just left to their own devices, with the agency services trusting that the offenders won’t reoffend. I believe there should be some sort of communal place just for the offenders, so they aren’t just placed within mainstream society. Like it’s stated, “Every parent has the right to protect their children but how can they when these high risk, sexual child stalkers are just randomly being dumped back into the community on a weekly basis?” Again, the government is simply passing the buck and shirking their responsibilities of providing services to protect both the community and the sex offenders. More political incompetency. Anne Tolley is a mother, she should understand such issues. God forbid should any of her children go through such a horrific action, she would be the first to demand for tougher penalties and stricter policies. Wouldn’t you Anne?
Sorry my post has turned out a little on the gloomy side folks. Unfortunately I’ve run out of time time to continue my writings, but I hope to continue soon.
Toksa akhe wanchiyankin kte. Wakan Tanka kici un. I will see you again eventually. May the Great Spirit bless you.


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