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So here I continue with where I left of in my hunt for brighter reading, and it’s here. Stories of a photography student who fights to redefine her views on diversity, breaking down barriers and celebrating unity. Being diagnosed with something like breast cancer, I can’t say is an easy thing to get through. Yet through all of her personal experiences, she set about rebuilding her life, that led to her journey of inspiration to a marvelous project that become a book. Absolutely brilliant article brought about by all those involved.

I can relate to people with cancer. One of my sons is a cancer survivor, and that was something I’ll not forget for the remainder of my life. Sitting there watching your child go through the chemo, and as a parent there’s nothing you can do, except be there with your child and what that child is going through themselves. Both my grandfathers died from cancer, one smoked, the other didn’t. I’ve got to meet other cancer survivors.

I myself am an ex-smoker of what must be coming up three years now. I never thought I’d see myself giving up until I was in my retirement. I simply gave up through running out of ciggies over night, and just didn’t bother to buy any the following morning on the way to work. Never looked back since. I’m just one of the lucky ones I guess. I haven’t had go through the pain others have had to physically, mentally, spiritually endure.

Another happy piece of reading involves the local library, and a toys, games and play equipment service for children to play and relax. And add to that, choose toys to take home, just as one would take out a library book. What a clever idea for a system being provided as a community resource, a sharing purpose, an educational basis in teaching the young to recycle, while also helping in the child’s development. This is something quite unique. Well done to all involved.

2a.m., the eyeballs are wide awake, the last mouthful of coffee is cold, but it goes down all the same.  And the reading continues.

Te Manawa has a bearded dragon. Abbey Musical theatre announces their staging of the life story of Dusty Springfield, a talented singer I admire. R.I.P. Dusty, thanks for music you brought into the lives of so many people.

Well, I gotta say thanks to the Manawatu Guardian for providing the info on the articles they provided for me to read. Now I just gotta wait for the eyeballs to nod off.

Hope I’ve given some form of light entertainment, or presented a topic of interest to you dear reader. Until the next round, take care.

Toksa akhe wanchiyankin kte. Wakan Tanka kici un. I will see you again eventually, May the Great Spirit bless you.



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