Corporate Competition, Corporate Freedom

Aho Mitakuyepi. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin.

Corporate/political competition – competing to express feelings in words or actions, all costs with hidden disregard to effect of any impact, onto the lives of both the citizens and the environment.

Corporate/political freedom – they believe they have no accountability to any human and world life, other than their own.

And so it’s been for too long. Now you and I are starting to see the power of the people rise, in their stand against the atrocities of negligence thrown around by the corrupt system of corporate-driven competition and freedom, through lobbyists creating favours from easily corruptive politicians, to the benefit of corporate oligarchs having laws changed for increased profiteering and legal protection from the people. One such corporate act of competition and freedom, is from the recent months of legal activity between an oil pipeline company, and an indigenous people.

Enter Energy Transfer Partners, the offending oil pipeline company, and the defending North Dakota Lakota Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) – subsidiary to parent company Energy Transfer Equity (ETE) – cofounders/billionaires Kelcy Warren/Ray C. Davis (1995). (Kelcy Warren has since made himself the prominently known of the two owners of ETE/ETP).

Warren – self-made billionaire, rock and roll music enthusiast, reportedly worth anything between $3.8 bn and $7.3 bn, through making money off collapsed oil pipeline companies.

Here’s how Warren stands in position of operation and connections.

Energy Transfer Equity (ETE, parent company) – Where a big percentage of Warrens financial assets are tied up in, – Energy Transfer Partners (ETP, subsidiary company to ETE).

Warren is Company Chairman and CEO to ETP.

ETP is major stakeholder, with smaller stakeholders – Marathon, Phillips 66 and Enbridge – in the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

Sept. 2015 – rival Williams Cos. accepts a buy out of $32.6 bn, a takeover deal by Energy Transfer. Then Energy Transfer spends months trying to get themselves out of the purchase deal. June 2016, a Delaware Court concluded that Energy Transfer could terminate the deal. William Cos. has appealed.

Energy Transfer Equity is organized as a Master Limited Partnership (MLP), which means it pays no federal income tax as long as it pays out most of its cash to shareholders. This motivates Energy Transfer to make acquisitions, since investors expect ever-higher dividends.

The standoff begins with the ETP running their DAPL pipeline nearer to the boundaries of Bismarck. The people of Bismarck stand against the DAPL, forcing ETP to divert their line away from the Bismarck boundaries. In the process of the DAPL diversion, it’s pushed through Native American land, containing sacred burial sites that ETP’s DAPL has been run through, causing major concern for the Native American Oyate to stand in protection of their land, their sacred sites, and the fact that the Native American Tribal Council been left out of the original meetings concerning the consultation of the DAPL diversion to begin with.

The whole standing by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe started out as a small group of people within the local tribe, under the action of unarmed protectors, using peace and prayer as the basis to their stand against the DAPL, on the grounds of not only the ETP desecrating sacred land, but the fears of an oil spill leaking into the local river and contaminating the water supply to all the people down river. This call out for protecting both sacred land and waters, brought urgent attention to many of the other Native American tribes, who began banding together to support Standing Rock. Such a huge banding together of so many Native American tribes gathering as one oyate, hadn’t taken place virtually since the battle of the Little Big Horn. Over time, the social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and various other social media sources, became involved from within the Standing Rock camp to get their story out, due to the fact that main stream media failed to report any part of it from the beginning. It didn’t take long for the news of the Standing Rock efforts to get around in the US, and just as quickly, the story began to leak out of America and spread its way around the world. Once this act of Standing Rock protectors got a hold of attention to the world, support began increasing at a faster pace back within America. So many different cultures started giving their support, through either holding public rallies, or going to the Standing Rock Camp.

Mainstream media became involved only when a main stream media reporter in support to Standing Rock was arrested for her actions. From here, main stream media started becoming involved, concentrating at first on the actions of confrontation between the protectors of Standing Rock and the Morton County Sheriff and his troopers. This soon grew into troopers and employed private security teams with attack dogs. Then it became militarized police were involved, followed by police in heavy riot gear. Meanwhile, unarmed people were being arrested for various offenses, court battles were going on, politicians weren’t taking a great deal of notice, let alone action, until a little school girl in some foreign country Obama was visiting, asked Obama what he was doing about the DAPL situation. It was then, and only then, that Obama called for a temporary halt in the DAPL works. ETP still chose to ignore the call, by defiantly and cunningly bringing in heavy machinery at night, to continue the project with disregard to authorities concerned.

This disregard is shown by Warren applying for a Federal Judge to allow ETP to continue with the DAPL, before the Army Corps of Engineers approves/disapproves of giving ETP the permit to continue pipeline construction.

And still the magic of mass support is rising for Standing Rock and the Native American Oyate, through their:

  1. Wocekiya (Prayer)
  2. Waohola (Respect)
  3. Waunsila (Compassion)
  4. Wowicake (Honesty)
  5. Wawokiye (Generosity)
  6. Wahwala (Humility)
  7. Woksape (Wisdom)

To one and all at Standing Rock, and to everyone of us supporting the Native American Oyate from around the world, I send you all the following prayer:

Tunkasila na Taku Skan Skan na Tatuye Topa na Unci Maka

Wowape kin le ciksuye na hoye cic’ye

Yukan, tanyan omayakiye canke takuni iyotiye sni

He wopila ciciyuha.

Lehan, iyotiye wakiye na ake wacinciye.

Unsimala na ake omaya kin yinkte iwacinciye

Hau, Mitakuye Oyas’in.

Original Ones, that which is sacred, the Four Directions and Grand-Mother Earth

At this hour I send my voice to you

You are taking care of me so I am not in need of anything material

For this I thank you.

I am having a hard time now and I need your help.

I am in humility, and again I am asking for your help.

All My Relations.

Lila pilamaya yelo, to all of the Native American Oyate for bringing your time of challenge for the world to see what is truly happening, and be able to support you in any way we possibly can.

Wakan Tanka kici un.







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