Engineered earthquakes in New Zealand?

So what really is the truth behind the slow rebuild of Christchurch? Why has it taken so many years in New Zealand, when Japan was hit with both an earthquake and a tsunami? Yet it only took Japan two years from scratch to complete their rebuild from such a double whammy act of Ina Maka (Mother Earth)?

Is it any possible wonder in question, that perhaps Christchurch was an engineered Kiwi ‘9/11’ copycat scheme, created through bureaucratic tactics as a distraction, just so as the backdoor could be opened without any force, for a U.S. ‘friendly take-over’? An insider approach by John Key, instructed by John Kerry? I believe it is.

So why do I believe that view of approach? Simple. Imagine the repercussions if America were to carpet bomb an ally such as New Zealand? That instantly becomes an act of treason against New Zealand, not to mention an act of war, and add to that, an act of war crimes. So that cuts out any act of the U.S. taking over New Zealand with that angle of force.

The fact remains, it’s true, and it’s been known for a very long time that the States has been trying to find ways of getting into New Zealand territory for various reasons of purpose. One reason is for military tactics, to plant several of their military bases as installations in defiant threat to China. That’s followed by industrial interests nestling themselves within New Zealand. These two reasons provide an angle of positioning a series of stepping stones, to creating American corporate-driven political taking of New Zealand under American military rule.

All of this is crazily and craftily done under a flag of false operation, led on the inside of New Zealand by John Phillip Key, as he opens the way for the benefit of corporate powers, creating and increasing their own wealth, expanding their powers of abuse, their placement of closer central positioning for political/military operations, and a stronger stabilizing of American control over New Zealand resources. All this through Key and his games of distraction, his push of the TPPA, which is the actual false flag for the ISDS (hiding behind the TPPA), making it easier to eventually smuggle in his corporate scheming mates and their means of law changes to put a collar and chain on New Zealand and its people. Key is determined, by any means at his disposal, to sink New Zealand from a once great and world leading country, to just another slave state for American military and corporate control.

The Kaikoura earthquake – how convenient – a naval exercise just happens to be in operation in close vacinity on the same day the earthquake struck – an American warship is suddenly dispatched to ‘responses to natural disasters’, a cover up to the ‘responses to non-traditional security threats’ exercise is what I would put as closer to the truth of American response action. So where was New Zealand’s only Naval ship? Why wasn’t the New Zealand Navy available for dispatch, if it was on exercise with the other warships? Not possible. This was an exercise of American naval caliber, testing the area in question of entry/exit capability, followed as an observation exercise to record the population in the immediate area of concern, covered up by an evacuation exercise, assess a damage report for reconstruction involving prioritized concern to the best available means of local access in and out by road, to clear the immediate areas of any local population quickly before any form of resistance is presented.

And this is all done under a system that’s been in practice for decades, of geo-physical warfare. A system that now includes special transmitters on floating oil-drilling platforms. So this angle of approach may very well explain Simon Bridges freely handing out permits for ‘oil exploration’ to foreign oil companies Statoil and Chevron. This all coming from instruction of John Key himself, through the priority of benefitting his own personal financially invested interests, as well as doing as he is told by the Bank of America, Obama and Clinton. And whoever else might be whispering in Keys ears, with promises or threats.

So, with all these changes – we’re tempted into believing it’s all coming from causes of ‘extreme weather’ conditions – ‘global warming’/’climate changes’/earthquakes, giving me the suspicion of seeing why Key will do nothing to act in his political capacity in helping prevent these conditions, as is being called for by the likes of Greenpeace and other environmental groups, (and I’m beginning to see that these groups are not fully aware of the connections to what’s happening) – ‘hidden within the great irregularity of nature’ – an excuse generated to convince us through a global mind control/global cognitive debilitation.

And what’s the purpose of all this? Corporate world control of foreign resources – through corruption of politicians, and the use of any militarized force to control the people into submission.

And how’s it all done? Not through war on an ally country, but through secret environmental actions of distractions designed to manipulate ways to control their human subjects, simply to supplement the advantage of those in power for the benefit of their lifestyle of greed. And what better way to cover up their abuse of power, than to use Ina Maka (Mother Earth) as the blame of cause to their excuse of distraction, a false flag of believe . . . to them.

Sourced from Jeff Wefferson.



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