Standing Rock/Cannonball

Aho Mitakuyepi. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin.


How can Jack Dalrymple, Governor of the State of North Dakota, order a mandatory evacuation of all persons located in the areas under the proprietary jurisdiction of the United States Army Corps of Engineers located in Morton County . . . give directive to state agencies, emergency service officials and nongovernmental organizations to reduce threats to public safety by not guaranteeing the provision of emergency and other governmental and nongovernmental services in the evacuation area, unless otherwise approved on a case by case basis by the Morton County Sheriff or the Superintendent of the Highway Patrol? The services probably will not be available under current winter conditions.

Straight away – Dalrymple has overstepped his legal jurisdiction by trying to override the US Army Corps of Engineers letter of evacuation, which was posted out before Dalrymple was in any position to post his version out. Then there’s the threat from Dalrymple of cutting off any emergency services, which in itself provides a threat to the public in his refusal to allow emergency services to perform their duties to fellow humans. Their hypocritical oath to save lives outstrips any order Dalrymple may issue. And Dalrymple is depriving life saving services to any unarmed victims who are likely to become injured, maimed, possibly even put in a life threatening position, under the force of human violation of the law enforcement involved in the situation at Standing Rock. Depravation to services of humanity may be a charge to put in front of Dalrymple, along with causing violation of human rights, causing serious injury to another human. Perhaps an additional charge of abuse of power while in office, might help jog Dalrymple’s memory of his responsibities as Governor? Another move would be to petition for the resignation of Dalrymple. These are all non-violent means of people power to remove corrupt politicians from office under such present conditions of situation.

As for the Morton County Sheriff approving governmental/nongovernmental services in the evacuation area unless by a case by case basis, well that authority can be dismissed, due to the Sheriff himself being called for a lawsuit of using excessive force on unarmed people. To me, that’s just a way of the so-called authorities trying to weaken the stand of the Native American Oyate. A divide and conquer tactic. The law enforcement have used excessive force, arrested too many, so now they want to try using another tactical way of getting into the camp to take control and score themselves a politically corporate victory.

Another reason for the law enforcement to use this form tactical approach, is to disassemble the entire campsite before the veterans rock up on site. This is sign of the fear of the law enforcement not wanting to front up against so many ex-service veterans. Even though the veterans will march in unarmed, they will still impose a serious threat upon the law enforcement. These will be veterans the law enforcement won’t want to get themselves involved with in any form of confrontation. The law enforcement will be very foolish to allow themselves to act in any manner of further violation of human rights. These veterans will have seen things almost most of the law enforcement members will have never seen. The veterans are seasoned personal in facing serious action that will outstand anything the law enforcement throw up against the veterans.

I give thanks to everyone who is/has made their own means of effort in supporting the Native American Oyate of Standing Rock. I also give thanks to the people of Unist’to’en, the Burnaby Mountain people, and the supporters of these two tribes, who have also risen to make their stand against the oil pipeline companies.

I stand with Standing Rock, Unist’to’en, Burnaby Mountain, and the Native American Oyate.

Take care, stand strong. The world is watching.

Wakan Tanka kici un.



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