John Phillip Key – His sudden resignation . . .

Why? What is the real reason behind such a sudden call to resign from parliament? The truth we may never know, only Key will, and what’s the bet he may very well take that with him to his grave.

I offer the following possibilities:

Has Key resigned, in knowing a man-made earthquake could be about to strike New Zealand, so has decided to make his escape and leave the people of New Zealand in further strife?

Has Key prepared a way for the economy market to crash, so he has prepared himself with all securities in place so his finances will survive while everybody else loses out on their hard earned savings and investments?

Has Key created a debt for New Zealand, measuring upwards of cost beyond all reality. In doing so, he now departs leaving a massive debt for either someone else to clean up, or let America lay claim to our resources in order to reclaim monies from the debt incurred?

Is it more than likely, that Bronagh has put her foot down and told Key it’s family or politics? Has the little lady given the threat of ultimatum that he gives up his political career, or faces divorce? With such a threat slammed on Key, he knows that his wife will be legally entitled to half of everything within their marital domain, and wifey taking half of everything will do more serious damage financially to Key, embarrassing him more than anything else that can be thrown at him.

Ah but there is another fear Key worries about facing, and that’s any legal action taken against him, that will warrant a very hefty fine, and the seriousness of a prison sentence hanging over his head. Something that may possibly have come from within Parliamentary circles, calling for a forced resignation from Key, or facing court as consequences of accountability for his actions of abuse of position and power while in office.

Key being the lying coward that he is, has he really told the truth behind his resignation to his cabinet ministers, or has he kept the real excuse hidden within himself? Regardless, Key is preparing to jump ship to save himself, through possible instruction under the CIA/American corporate-driven political arena. Key will scarper it to the safety of his Hawaiian mansion or the States, his sanctuary of American soil, without any remorse or conscience to his actions in selling out New Zealand to America.


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