An Empire Has Fallen

An Empire Has Fallen

Transparent eyes are wide as sneering mouths part,

In their silent smile of an assassins smile,

The degenerate fools point their finger, looking at you.

They laugh at every plunge of the blade, as it drives deeper to every strike.

Are they in two minds,

Out of themselves, designed to thwart any entry to outsiders?

Frequency distortion only they can understand,

From within the deep end,

Gone from reality of pain,

What do they do now?

Is this the beginning, to their end, that any hand cannot erase in wave,

Of some dream that never can be?

Any chance to recapture the moment,

Only to watch it run away from their owner of tyranny,

As it ruptures itself from their head.

The uninvited thoughts of an unwelcome guest,

Has it found a way out of desperation,

Within the clock of fear,

Inside occupation of a blank planet.

Failure, failure, failure,

Cutting through their defenses,

Of a killing appeal with genocide,

Breaking through their minds touching their brain,

Colours trapped in a swirl of kaleidoscope lights wanting more wanting it all.

A pretty little cranium split with mayhem unreal,

Let it crumble as it burns,

And so the bubble will burst,

The oligarchs will die,

An empire has fallen.

Author: Trevor Mills.






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