Dirty Corporatists/Corrupt Politicians

So what’s new in this world of ours? Nothing. Has anything changed that’s of benefit to all mankind? No.

We’ve got a seriously dirty corporatist by the name of Kelsy Warren, all out for himself and his financial investment interests, and his financial backers, saying he’ll defy the legal issues placed against him to prevent further DAPL progress. This could go one of two ways – through dirty tactics and bribery: 1 –  Warren will win his fight to carry on, regardless of who gets hurt and who is protected. 2 – Warren will lose his contract and millions of dollars due to going over the expiration date, failing to accomplish his completed project before the due date. Warren by-passed Bismark at the call of the townsfolk refusing that the oil pipeline be anywhere near their waterways. Diverting took the line of Cannonball direction, without consultation of the Lakota tribal council. Guess what’s happened? And Warren and his Energy Transfer Partners company have employed the Morton County Sheriff and various other forms law enforcement agencies, using various means of weaponry, causing human violation and serious injuries upon unarmed people. To top this, Warren and his law enforcement violators are crying victim. How do they justify this? Through bribery to various people in high places, and lies to the public through propaganda information outlets.

Back home, we’ve got ourselves another dirty financial investor-come-politician, his name is John Phillip Key. He was our Prime Minister, until recent resignation forced him to stand down. His excuse was family reasons, I beg to differ. I think there is something a little more at stake than just a family affair. I reckon Key has re-positioned himself from PM down to back bencher, due to something serious happening that requires him to remain under a very low profile and under the radar. My hunch is that Key is trapped in some sort of a legal situation, that requires his diplomatic immunity being waived for an investigation to carry on. Being a PM, Key cannot use his powers to protect himself by refusing to waive diplomatic immunity, so the only way Key can cover up is to resign as PM and be replaced so whoever steps up can refuse to waive his diplomatic immunity to whatever the offense be. If that’s not the case, then there has to be something that is going to cause a very serious black mark against his name. Maybe, (although I somehow doubt it), someone on the inside, another opposition party, has acted upon the legalities of political rules covering a politicians conduct during parliament, and forced Key into a corner. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if his allegiance to a foreign power, (the US), is what has been applied to him as an act of choice in standing down through resignation, or legal action being taken that results in a jail sentence of two or more years, which automatically removes him from politics. Now wouldn’t that be nice Xmas prezzie for the people of New Zealand? Another theory, which I suspect is more to the truth of possible accuracy, is the event of American takeover of New Zealand resources through a ballooning debt, created and on-going by our presently existing National Party Government. This in turn opens the door for American military to walk in and lay down their military bases, all pointing at China. Control of all Pacific Rim countries by the American military and corporate-driven politics. In turn, with Key having resigned, he saves his own arse two-fold. 1. Key puts himself out of line at facing the consequences of responsibility for his actions, that may be cause for any public backlash, that all other politicians must face. 2. Key gives himself an escape route from New Zealand, paid to the Clinton Foundation as a pay-as-you-play club for favours from the Clintons paid for by our public taxes, to have Key safely extracted from any threat of the public outcry, and whisked away to the protection of his mansion in Hawaii or the States, under his dual New Zealand/American citizenship. One other possibility is that Key is setting up an economy collapse, just as he did to Ireland through his tax haven schemes when working for Merrill Lynch. Resigning as PM now, releases him from any legal action when the economy has collapsed. Key will have it all diverted through the likes of his Wall Street connections, so it becomes very difficult to trace, then have it transferred into various bank accounts in countries where it can’t be touched under the laws of those countries Key has such accounts in, eg., the Cayman Islands, the Swiss National Bank, the Bank of America, (under which Key is a shareholder). This won’t happen until National has been voted out, so Key can walk away from it a free man, without any grounds to be held accountable. Yes, our dirty snake of a politician, John Phillip Key has covered his bases, and his arse.

So, our oligarch world of corporate-driven political corruption, I believe, is clawing at holding on to its very last acts of desperation to remain in power. The likes of Kelcy Warren and his attitude of sheer defiance at the law on one hand, and buying out the law with the other hand. John Phillip Key trying to cover up his games by resigning as Prime Minister on one hand, but still taking control through backseat guidance in his expertise of manipulation, on the other hand.

The time has certainly come, as I believe it to be, for a change in politics, a change in corporate corruption. I believe we should have followed our brothers and sisters from Iceland a long time ago, made our stand back then, and driven National out. Unfortunately, with so many people in denial of their National leaders wrongdoings, it’s like leading a horse to water, and once there, you can’t force the horse to drink if it decides to be stubborn and refuse to drink the water. What’s even worse with the stubborn horse, is the fact it’s wearing blinkers, so it’s further limited to its field of full vision. That’s what you get when corruption rules and there’s not enough power to overthrow an enemy that can buy out the law, a law for one that’s a law for all, a law that supposed stand by its service it’s supposed to provide the people.

Like my brothers and sisters from the Oceti Sakowin Sacred Stone Camp, the Standing Rock protectors, who are living under winter conditions within the Cannonball area, North Dakota, we have to work harder now. Standing Rock have won the easement against the DAPL, but have to remain vigilant at any future issues that may arise out of ugliness. Key has been forced to resign as PM, but we have to remain alert at what other dirty tactics Key will deliver from within the shadows of the back benches.

I call on my totem animal spirit guides for us to remain calm and faithful in our beliefs, and Wakan Tanka, to guide us through what we must face together.

Tunkasila Wakan Tanka, who dwells in the sky, lead us to the path of peace and understanding, let all of us live together as brothers and sisters.

Our lives are so short here, walking on Ina Maka’s surface, let our eyes be opened to all the blessings you have given us.

Please hear our prayers Wakan Tanka.

Makoc’e el tawain. Nagila wanjila heunca pi. We are one in spirit. We are one in the land.



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