2017 – Changes?

Another new year, another new beginning. So what will this new year bring the people?

What I’d like to see this new year bring, is a new beginning that will bring changes – for the people, by the people.

2016 has brought the beginnings of a collapsing empire for the wealthy. They’ve had their run of the roost at all the power and glory that dirty tactics, within the arena of corporate and political delinquency, can bring them.

2016 has brought the beginnings of a worldwide humanitarian stand, that corporate industrial manipulation and political corruption has never before been faced with. And all this was triggered by the likes of the Parisians making world news at their stand against corporate-driven political issues such as the carbon credit system talks in Paris, back in 2015. Since then, many things have happened through the actions of the people of the world, and their taking up the stand against the inequality of life between the oligarchs and the denied.

2016 has seen governments overthrown by the people of Iceland, and their corrupt bankers jailed. There has been the arrest of one of the worlds most wealthiest family members in France for fraudulent activities. Oil companies are being held accountable for their actions, or the lacking of responsibilities involved on their part. The latest and biggest, being the challenge between Kelcy Warren and his Energy Transfer Partners company, involving his construction of DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline), and it being pushed to completion. All this dealing a harsh blow upon the Native American Oyate of North Dakota, through Warren brazenly proceeding through sacred sites and native land, without any consultation to the tribal committee of the Lakota Oyate. Although in theory, this project should now be lost due to being incomplete by the due date of the 1/1/17. We can now only wait and see what happens next.

There have also been many other world issues concerning climate change, political scandal, war. All these things are being brought to attention throughout the world, with the help and thanks of social media stepping up and coming forward with information, that the people are entitled to know about. No matter what the issue, social media is out to cover it, doing the job of what’s supposed to be a main stream media performance. Yet because main stream media is a corporate run entity bent on corruption and misinformation, they are told what must be released, and what must be covered up. And because of this not-so-secret system of corruption being blown to the public, through social media, there has been a very powerful change in communication to the people, in favour of the people, for the people. And I believe this is one cause our corporate oligarchs and corrupt politicians cannot change.

The time for change has brought forward something more important and more effective in sourcing media to the people, and it has risen from modern technology, that the empire of the wealthy never thought they would dream of or see coming, and it’s now bitten them in their arse. This is a change the strategies of the corporate world of politics cannot control, without attempting the use of their repeated dirty tactics, to which are now proving fruitless, with the people standing in their peaceful and non-violent protests of protection. The protection of their democratic, sovereign, humanitarian, environmental, animal, and climatic rights.

This is a stand in protecting and preserving the one and only place we can physically, mentally and spiritually call home. This is home to Mni Wiconi Wakan. Mni Wiconi, to all of the two legged, the four legged, those that walk and crawl, the wings of the air, and all the green things that live. This is home to all generations that will follow our path. None of us own the land or the water or the sky. This is home to all, for all, provided free by Ina Maka. Ina Maka must be protected, by all, for all.





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