War is not human.


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

So what has the world of the innocent population done, to deserve facing the causes of catastrophic death and destruction by the United States?

Is there any simple, logical, explanation, as to why it’s so difficult to obtain peace, and so easy to create war?

Where is the mentality of our politicians jumping into action at the first sign of war?

Why do peace talks always break down?

Why does the CIA always have to make foreign affairs their business?

Why do multi-national corporates insist on profiteering from war, when there are rules and regulations of both national and international settings to abide by for the purposes of fair trading between all countries?

Why do these corporate oligarchs persist in thinking they’ve hidden their illicit activities from the public, when they’ve been caught out in their ill-gained activities time and time again?

How do these politicians and oligarchs feel, knowing they are involved, regardless of being direct/indirect involvement, in killing innocent people in the name of profit?

As these murderous companions of politics and world trade are aware of what they’ve got away with to date, it has become apparent that they believe themselves untouchable and above the law. How will they react, come the day when the law will catch up with them?

How will these irresponsible business collaborators react when their offers of bribery turn out to be a failure in front of them?

What will they be capable of doing, once their empire crashes around them?

How would they feel, what would they say, if their homely world was bombed, and they lost loved ones in an act of sheer devastation?

Would they demand war as an act of immediate retaliation for such a horrific infliction upon them?

And in their process of demanding for action of revenge in the attack upon these wealthy business persons and politicians, would any of them for one moment stop and think of why such an act of perpetration has been committed against them?

Would any of these so-called victims of a barbaric act stop and think of who was originally behind all the warmongering and propaganda that kicked off the vicious fighting around the world to begin with?

Yes, there are a lot of politicians and corporate lobbyists that do have a lot to answer for in consequence to their acts of war crimes and crimes against the people and crimes against humanity. They deserve to be thrown in jail for life, if not executed for their crimes. Such sentencing won’t bring back the lives of those innocent people, but such sentencing will put out a very strong warning that such atrocities of war, regardless of whether it be based on political or corporate agenda, will not be tolerated by anyone ever again. And to achieve this, we need to remove the corruption behind the scenes of corporate driven lobbying for political favouritism. This means the people must stand and take back the democracy that was theirs to begin with. Then the people must remove the politicians under the influence of corruption, treason, and any other grounds that have broken the law and caused serious impact on human life. This in turn will make all the dirty corporate bankers, financiers and lawyers under the gun of legal prosecution wonder if they are going to jail, and make haste in preparation for sudden disappearance before they are rounded up to face trial for their criminal activities.

War is neither a game nor a business.

War is a tool designed solely for the purpose of corporate driven political intervention into any foreign political control, covering the takeover of any and all foreign resources of major financial revenue that non-American influenced country has and is using in a trade system of gold currency or the suchlike, instead of using the American petrodollar trading system.

War is a machine designed to maim and kill, showing lack of careful thought to whoever is in its path.

War shows nor knows no mercy, no remorse, no sympathy, no feelings.

War isn’t human.



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